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Powering Reform EverywherePowering Reform Everywhere
Across the country, folks of every stripe are fighting for safer communities and a smaller, smarter justice system.

The Just Trust supercharges that fight.
2022-2023 Annual Report
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It's time to write the next chapter of the criminal justice system in the United States, one that better serves us all.

At The Just Trust for Education (c3) and The Just Trust for Action (c4), we’re activating every lever for change - at full speed and across the full political spectrum - to support public safety innovation and justice reform. Our activities include:

  • Advocacy & philanthropic advising
  • Public opinion & messaging research
  • Grantmaking
  • Narrative change

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Beverly Sharp, REACH

We all deserve to feel safe.

Our justice system is held up in the name of public safety, but doesn’t deliver on that promise. If it did, we’d be the safest country in the world.  

That’s why at The Just Trust, we’re not only bringing the conversation about safety and justice together under one roof, we’re bringing the strategy there too. Criminal justice reform can and must play an essential role in our national safety strategy. 

Photo of Beverly Sharp
Mae Lee Browning, Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

An issue that spans state and party lines.

Public safety innovation and smart changes to the criminal justice system is possible in every state, regardless of who is in the White House or governors' mansions. This isn't a red/blue state problem, it's an all of us problem.

Photo of Mae Lee Browning
4 Goals4 Goals

We envision a justice system that prevents crime, centers safety, and fosters real accountability, rehabilitation, and healing. To get there, we need to invest in solutions, that:

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Shrink the footprint of the system.
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The grounds for stop, arrest, conviction, and incarceration are broad and biased. A smaller criminal justice system means: less criminalization, shorter sentences, and fewer people on supervision for less time.

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Further alternatives to address harm.
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The way we’ve historically addressed crime and violence has lacked accountability, humanity, and frankly, creativity. Let's expand bold, community-centered models to restore relationships and hold each other accountable when there's been harm.

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Uphold human dignity and grace.
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Our justice system must be humane. Full stop. From the moment someone comes into contact with the system to well after they come home, people deserve to be embraced as neighbors, colleagues, and citizens. This is especially true for communities who have been most impacted by the cycles of harm our system perpetuates.

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Center safety and prevention.
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Today’s system is punitive and reactive. It steps in only when something bad happens, and often before giving people a chance to thrive. Communities are defining and demanding what really creates safety and prevents crime in the first place: jobs, housing, health, and education. We support advocates that are working with their communities to find solutions that strengthen the foundations for wellbeing.

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